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General & Preventive Dentistry

Making a Difference in Routine Dental Care in Fargo

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Getting the level of oral health you’ve always wanted starts with comprehensive general dentistry from Heather L Skari Family Dentistry. Every service we provide is gentle, thorough, and beneficial to how you look, feel, and function as our general dentistry is tailored to your individual needs. We start with a comprehensive exam that evaluates your entire mouth, allowing us to get a full picture of your current oral health. We’ll work with you to set goals and then we’ll help you achieve them.

By promoting preventative care, we will work with you to keep your mouth healthy for the long-term. Our diagnostic technology helps you understand and appreciate what is working and healthy and also detects potential areas of concern, so we can stop any minor issues from developing into costly complications that can negatively affect your long-term health.

Our gentle dentistry keeps you relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Skari’s compassionate team is always patient-focused and will always listen to your thoughts and opinions so that, together, you can formulate a plan that fits just right for you. We encourage healthy habits and are happy to discuss the best methods for at-home care.

If you’re ready to have an engaging and caring dental team focusing their attention fully on you, Dr. Heather L Skari Family Dentistry is here to help. We offer all the services you could want to ensure your optimal oral health and a beautiful smile for years. Contact us today and see how our general dentistry services are specially tailored for your specific situation and desires and be proud to show off that beautiful smile.

Ask About the No Cavity Club!

Every time your child has a cavity-free check-up, we enter their name into a drawing. Each month, a winner is selected at random to win a variety of prizes, including Dairy Queen ice cream, Treasure Tower Tokens, a picture, and a chance to win the Grand Prize at the end of the year.

Comprehensive Exams


Our comprehensive exams are the first step to a healthier smile. Dr. Skari spends time getting to know your current oral health and identifying any changes since your last exam. We’ll perform an oral cancer screening, take x-rays and images of your mouth (both intra-oral and extra-oral), and discuss your dental and medical history, all which are vital to creating an appropriate maintenance plan. Even if your smile is already great, a comprehensive exam is crucial to keeping it that way, as it can aid in identifying any potential areas of concern. This way, we’ll halt the progress of decay and disease and begin the process of reversing it.

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Oral Cancer Screenings


Early detection of oral cancer, a very serious disease, can be life-saving. With our focus on preventive dental care, we perform oral cancer screenings as part of our comprehensive exams. Certain lifestyle factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, can increase the risk of developing oral cancer, but these are not exclusive. Anyone can develop the disease, which is why screening is crucial for ensuring your optimal oral health. We use visual and manual screening methods to detect abnormal tissues in the cheeks, tongue, gums, and other areas of the mouth.

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Getting to see what’s happening below the surface of your teeth is essential to diagnosing issues and identifying potential problems. That’s why our digital x-rays are one of our most important diagnostic tools. We’ll take a series of digital images that display high resolution pictures of your smile and share them with you so you can make an informed choice about your care. Since the photos are stored digitally, we’re able to zoom, rotate, and focus on specific areas, and easily share them as a computer file. Your x-rays are ready almost instantly and can be read during your appointment.

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Everyone knows clean teeth not only make a smile look better, but a mouth that’s free of plaque, tartar, and debris actually feels better, too! Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that develops on the surface of the teeth. When not removed, plaque can develop into tartar, which can lead to gum disease. Our hygienists are skilled at removing plaque and tartar buildup, using Cavitron magnetostrictive scalers, that get in the hard-to-reach areas that brushing and flossing may miss. Our intra-oral cameras let you see exactly what Dr. Skari sees, which keeps you actively involved in your care. We’ll even take pictures of the inside of your mouth with extra-oral cameras.

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Periodontal Therapy


Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, which means maintaining the health of your gums is essential to your smile. During your exam, we’ll evaluate your periodontal health and check for red, swollen, bleeding, or receding gums. The removal of plaque bacteria is the first step to managing periodontal disease, in which we use scaling and root planning to eliminate plaque below the gum line. We also use CariFree products to treat bacterial imbalances, warding off decay as well as protecting your gums. As part of a comprehensive periodontal maintenance plan, we’ll recommend patients receive routine care on a specific schedule, ranging from every 3 or 4 months to every 6 or more months. Ask us how our periodontal care can ensure your gums are always healthy.

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Fluoride Treatments


Whether you’re prone to decay or your teeth feel sensitive, adding fluoride treatments to your dental visits can help. When temperature fluctuations in your mouth cause pain, the sensitive dentin layer may be exposed. Fluoride treatments add a protective layer to your teeth, restoring essential minerals to your enamel and warding off decay. Children can benefit from fluoride treatments as well, as developing teeth use the minerals in fluoride to grow into healthy smiles. You can choose whether or not to receive fluoride treatments during your visit, however, we recommend all patients opt for the benefits of fluoride.

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Your smile is worth protecting. If you grind your teeth at night while you sleep, a condition known as bruxism, you can benefit from our custom-fit night guards. They prevent excess wear on the enamel, which can lead to long-term damage. Additionally, we provide Occlusal Orthotic Devices for patients who suffer from TMJ, which help to keep your jaw in the correct position while you sleep, eliminating stress on the jaw joint. For budding athletes, we offer children’s sports mouthguards to keep their smile safe during activity. Ask us about our comfortable, protective mouthguards and keep your smile healthy and protected.

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Emergency Care


We hope you never have a dental emergency. However, we know things happen, and when they do, you need a dentist you can trust to solve your problem and get you back on track as soon as possible. Our current patients have access to an after-hours emergency voicemail, with the number to the doctor. New patients experiencing a dental emergency will be scheduled for the next availability, as your time and comfort are important to us.

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We employ technology to assist in diagnostic and preventive care, as well as treatment. In our general dentistry, we’re happy to interact with our patients using intra-oral cameras, which are small, hand-held cameras that the dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant places inside your mouth like a traditional dental mirror, though you can get a real-time view of what Dr. Skari sees. This is perfect for the assessment of your current oral health and formulation of a treatment plan. We also offer laser therapy using Biolase Epic-X technology, which lessens both healing and chair time for our patients and minimizes discomfort during procedures.

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